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Shipping Requirements

Questions? Call 815-872-3000 -- Laurie Nauman or Ted Akers

  1. Utilize a good quality, solid hardwood pallet: Standard size (40"x48") preferred. A 4-way is preferred, however a 2-way is acceptable. Softwood, broken, or poor quality pallets are never acceptable.
  2. Shipment pre-sorted and segregated: Keep the same SKU# together among pallets and within the pallet. Do not put the same item across two different pallets unless Ace has ordered more than one full pallet of the item . Do not put the same item on multiple layers of the pallet unless Ace has ordered more than one full layer of the item.
  3. Merchandise shrink wrapped: All pallets must be shrink wrapped tightly and securely to prevent shifting during transportation. Depending on the nature of the product, it may be beneficial to cap the pallet as well to prevent pilferage.
  4. Pallet marked/labeled "Do not break shrink wrap": This is done so the carriers know to leave the pallet intact. This does not have to be elaborate, however, it must be large enough to be seen easily. It is a good idea to mark/label the pallet on at least two sides. We recommend using the Ace Pallet Placard to satisfy this criteria and criteria #6 in one step.
  5. Identify mixed cartons: If Ace is has not ordered your product in case quantities, or if the product is small enough to pack multiple items in a single carton, simply mark the outside of the carton as "MIXED" and list the manufacturer's numbers and quantities contained within the carton.
  6. Pallet contents identified: This step can be accomplished in one of two ways. Option 1 - Number all pallets #1, #2, #3, etc. Next, create an extra column on the packing list to indicate on which pallet # each line item may be found. This is the preferred method. Option 2 - A placard may be attached to the outside of each pallet listing the quantity and manufacturer's number of the items on that pallet.
  7. Attach 1 copy of packing list to freight: Attach one copy of the packing list to one of the pallets, preferably to pallet #1 of the shipment.
  8. Quick response Compliance Form: Vendor shipping location is to fill out all blanks in the "Vendor Portion" of the form making sure all 13 steps are in compliance prior to the shipment leaving your dock. Then, either place the form in an envelope with a second packing list (see #9) and attach to Bill of Lading or place the form inside a high visibility envelope and attach to pallet #1.
  9. Second packing list: Attach a second copy of the packing list to the carrier delivery documents and/or (preferred method) send EDI Advance Ship Notice (856).
  10. Bill of Lading terminology: "X PALLETS SAID TO CONTAIN X CARTONS." This terminology must be exact. There are no exceptions.
  11. Merchandise shipped on preferred carrier: LTL shipments must deliver on an Ace Preferred LTL Carrier. Please see the Ace Routing Guide for further details. (Vendor fleet trucks and full truckload carriers are considered preferred.) There is a $75 per occurrence fine for non-compliance to this policy without exception.
  12. Pallets containing mixed sku merchandise stacked to 60 inches or less: This is a requirement to ensure the safety of all employees. There are no exceptions to this rule. (60 inches from floor to top of merchandise.)
  13. Pallets containing a single sku stacked to 42 inches or less: This is a requirement due to the size of the bins in the RSC's. There are no exceptions to this rule. (42 inches from floor to top of merchandise.)